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Join me for this exclusive Exciting New online training event...

“ For The First Time Ever I’ll Reveal
My Go-To Formula for Reliable And Consistent Fitness Results ”


Dear Friend,

Have you wondered why your mind reacts the way it does and your body seems out of your control?

Or why you seem to gain weight and feel unwell even when you put so much effort to diet and workout religiously?

Maybe you’ve questioned why others push seem fitter than you in spite of eating almost everything and not spending time in the gym

Most people blame themselves thinking they’re not capable, discipline smart, or dedicated enough to get results...

And you know what?

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, most people simply don’t understand how to cultivate the mindset to feel enthusiastic, motivated, engaged, inspired, and alive, enough to follow through to outstanding results!

And once you know how to do that, you’ll be naturally fitter, healthier, and more in charge of running your own mind and guiding your body to the ideal image and weight.

Now here’s the good news:

Combining mind training, elemental fitness approach, functional training, and wellness will give you a reliable formula to increase your fitness levels so you can have the outcomes you really want!

And that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do in my EXCITING NEW live training.

Here’s What You Can Expect From
This Three-Day Excellence Live Training Event:

    • The step-by-step process to train YOUR  mindset on the right path to mastering your body.
    • The complete formula you can use to positively choose the right nutritional approach for your body type and energy requirements.
    • Discover the fundamental KEYS to life long fitness that will set the foundation for all your future exercises making them more meaningful and effective
    • What your mood tells you about the state of your unconscious mind… and how to use this to your advantage!
    • The simple truth about what it takes to change your mind (hint: you only need to change ONE Thing and your mind and body will follow)
    • How to motivate yourself instantly and be able to exercise especially when you don't feel like it.
    • Signals to watch for that reveal when you are overtraining and that your body needs some rest and wellness to recuperate
    • “External” and “internal” tools you can use to reliably get fit every day and no extra time.
    • How to use any type of furniture and practical items to enhance your strength and sculpt your body. 
    • Discover the instinctive eating methods (get this right and your body will never be the same!)
    • The secret to staying supple, flowing naturally with ease, and adapting to any environment for your exercises.
    • Why it is absolutely essential to set smart fitness goals if you want to truly get fit and keep results for life  (this is what most people get WRONG and drive people to disappointments, debilitating injuries )
    • What most people don’t understand about fitness (I’ll show you how to get it right)
    • How to successfully organize your lifestyle so others will join you and help you on your way to being the best version of yourself.
    • Get to the point where you BECOME fit, easily and effortlessly

And lots more.

There’s just ONE condition anyone attending MUST meet:

You have a genuine interest to listen, learn, and participate in an honest respectful way towards all participants. So unless you’re committed to using the techniques you discover as a way to improve your life, then this training is not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to help others on their fitness journeys and have a more rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling life with deeper meaning and values, then I invite you to join me for this rare opportunity.

Normally a 1-day live program retail training fee is €599.

So I figure a 3-day live program is a fair value at € 347  (and even with a 50% Early Bird Discount it would be €299.50… and truly excellent value).

However, because of this  short notice you can go ahead and reserve your spot for the EXCELLENCE Elemental Training with me, Douglas Alexander, today for just € 1797  €347 (That's more than 77% OFF Discount!)

Of course, you’re fully protected with our…..


You can participate in this  Excellence elemental Live Online Training with me, Douglas Alexander.

And if you don't believe this is the most cutting-edge instruction on fitness training... then... you have nothing to risk.

Because if after the first day of the training you are not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund and get every penny you paid back. No questions asked. No problems.

If it's not for you, just let me know. No hard feelings.




Excellence Fitness mastery Live Online Training
With Douglas Alexander



LIVE and Online From The Comfort Of Your Home!

January 29, 30 & 31st, 2021

(Registration kicks off at 8:30 AM CET on January 29th)



Enroll me in the Excellence Elemental live training with Douglas Alexander, I am ready and eager to experience 3 amazing days with Alex & my fellow attendees.

The package I am getting includes:

I will be attending the 3 Day EXCITING NEW & Exclusive Excellence Elemental Fitness Live Training from the comfort of my home on January 29, 30 & 31st, 2021 where Alex will be revealing his go-to formula for reliable and consistent natural fitness results

Because of the short notice for this exciting training, I can attend for € 1797  just €347 (That's a more than 77% Discount!)

I also have a full 100% money-back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training! If this training doesn’t rock my world I can get a full refund - no questions asked! 


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