What is the “Mind?”

the mind is a very fluid concept of all the unknown factors that make up know, think, feel, perceive anything. Some experts say it does not exist, some call it spirit. you can call it what you want, the mind is not the Brain.

There are many functions factors of the mind (you can read it all here) to avoid a lengthy lecture and discourse of what it is or isn’t. Let us call ‘it’ mind and how we can use our mind to get the results and outcomes that we want.

The BRAIN is the physical hub for all nervous systems of the body. Well this is not a biology or science lesson….

We can train our mind to help us feel the way we want to feel or to steer us in the direction of our highest goals and ideals because our mind learns implicitly, assimilates and adapts to the stimuli of our environment. We all tend to be influenced by the language and cultures we are born in. Most of who and what we think we are is learned in out childhood and conditioned to seem automatic!

Reality is really very plastic indeed, that is why no two people are exactly alike. We all interpret and make meaning of the world in our own unique ways and when we are really free to find our own selves then we live life out of choice that a reaction to the demands and manipulation of others!

Neuroscience have studied how the mind really works. From the release of biochemical hormones to regulating body temperature.

When we train the mind to relax and work for a our whole some well-being, then we can create better habits of mind and body.

There are tools for training the mind. One of the most effective psychological tools is hypnosis; a method and technique for accessing trance. We learn and use any skill in a trance or trance-like state of mind. As a small child, you learned to speak, you learned to stand, and to walk now you effortlessly talk, read and write!

Everything becomes hardwired through repetition. We train and condition the mind with pleasure, we remove negative programs of the past and reshape our future to the one we Idealise.

Get a mind training experience for free then make up you mind.

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