Excellence Training

Excellence Training stands for wholistic, functional Fitness, coaching, and wellness Results that are tailor-made for you.
Excellence Training products are for people, whose INNERMOST DESIRE is to GET Sustainable RESULTS EASILY, FASTER, and SAFER.
This will not only SAVE YOU the most valuable resource you have; TIME, you will FEEL GOOD in the process as well as GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH in Fitness training, it might CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
It is For those who want to TAKE THE RIGHT KIND OF ACTION NOW for the sake of their HEALTH, VITALITY, and A BALANCED LIFESTYLE!

… combining the best Of approaches to training the body and mind. Methodical, systematic, and meticulous.

Distilled from the wisdom of the masters of the Arts and Sciences and based on the know-how of over 35 years of experimental, experiential training in Fitness, Sports, Martial arts, and personal development.
… a whole personal change and enhancement plan at the Physical, Mental and Spiritual levels – Body, Mind, and Soul.
… human, Personalize Services, Attention, and care from a specialist who has made Fitness Training his way in life and focuses solely on serving Clients to get the results they want and desire, easier, safer, and faster with minimum efforts and wastage.

You have one life to live – what are your time and well-being Worth?

i have this my most sobering, favourite quote:

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” -Mark 8:37

Excellence Personal Training
First, you have to know, what you want in a personal Trainer. You Must Know
What to look for in order to differentiate the GOOD, THE BAD, and the URGLY!

Anybody can get certified as a trainer.
You don’t want to leave your health, the safety of your life, and well-being in your old age to just anybody!
Getting fit, staying fit and a healthy vitality is as important as your work. Everything you are and do depends on it!

To find out the 5 Most important things To look for in an Excellent Personal Trainer please click here
If you are still Curious…
And do not know exactly, what you want or whether a Personal Trainer is for you or if you can afford one, then read on; Gone are the days when a Personal Trainer was an expensive indulgence for the rich and famous of Hollywood. Nowadays most people know the real advantages and benefits of engaging an excellent Personal Trainer or coach.

Housewives, Work-from-home Entrepreneurs, Work at home moms, Professionals: – Lawyers, Bankers, Doctors, etc. All engage a Personal Trainer, a coach, or a Mentor to be at the top of what they do best. Top Football clubs have their trainers and coaches to help them succeed. What about you?

In these times of Social distancing and work from home. A personal program to follow or virtual support from a trainer can be your best support.

The best of the best in Sports, people like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Boris Becker, Mike Tyson, Andre Agassi, Olympic Athletes, and many great teams that have won medals and triumphed against great odds owe much of their success to their great coaches and Trainers!

Before you get rolled under or swept up by the next “Fitness” or “Diet” Hype, ask your self:

  • What outcomes do you really want from fitness training?
  • What are you willing to do for your health and well-being?
  • What is the quality of your life right now?


or YOU CAN also INVEST in the Excellence Training complete home Training that takes you from Beginner Levels, gives you a Solid Foundation, and Empowers you to Achieve Levels of Mastery of your physical and mental processes. but Before you Do the Now, take a FREE TEST and ASSESSMENT with our FREE Do It Yourself Kit.

Identify a program that suits you and will get you your desired results.
Whether what you want is to;
• Reduce body fat
• Get Fit and healthy
• A Toned Body
• Post Natal training
• Build Functional Muscles
• Get rid of back pain
• Change Your Lifestyle
• Get Strong and powerful?
Or maybe you are an executive of a company who wants to bring out the best in Her /His Team in a fresh innovative and out of the box way?

Contact me TODAY, for a FREE consultation. Together we will find a program or approach best suited to solutions for your company, for individuals, your unique body type, personality, and temperaments.

Excellence Training GIVES YOU CHOICES and Flexibility where to train; you can NOW choose to train in the comfort of your Own Home TODAY, in a Private Studio, in the Office, or Outdoors in the Park. There is a program for each occasion.

You may also choose the time to train with me live at your most convenient time.

The schedules – early in the morning before you go to work, at noon during a lunch break, or at night after work.
The appropriate training and exercises based on the biorhythmic functions of the body are selected to suit your mood and accelerate your progress.
I will assist you to step by step, inspire you, and motivate you in this most important decision to get fit and healthy for life-long-lasting -results!

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