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My mission in life is simple...

It's to set people free!

I give you the tools to take control of your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and emotions.

The tools to be fully sexual and free from negative emotions like guilt, fear, or anxiety.

And to be very influential all throughout your life.

However I can show you the door and how wonderful life is on the other side of the door, but YOU have to go through the freaking door.

Here's the problem...

Most people are looking for EXTERNAL solutions.

They continually look OUTSIDE themselves for someone, something to blame for their problems and lack of success.

But most of the time an external solution is really just an excuse to vent emotions and deny responsibility for your own fuck ups.

This is a stupid strategy to solve any problem!

As I've said for years in my seminars...

If you look at every boneheaded mistake in your life, what's the ONE THING they all have in common?

Hint: It's YOU! < ====

So you can say the Universe is out to get you, or you can accept responsibility and start today -- right now -- to do something different.

Two things always tell me if a person really wants to solve their big life problems.

  1. They Take ACTION - They actually DO something to fix things instead of just whining about it.
  2. They choose INTERNAL solutions - They focus on changing themselves.

I'll let you in on a little secret... the fastest route to fixing your life problems is to CHANGE yourself.

And it's the only solution where you have FULL CONTROL. You don't have to rely on or answer to anyone else.

Fact is you only have a finite amount of time in your life. It is the most SCARCE resource you have.

So anything that saves you time is obviously your best option.

This is why years ago I gave up a very lucrative consulting career in the tech industry to become a hypnotist.

Hypnotic conditioning is the fastest way to get permanent change in your life.

It's how I've set thousands of people free.

Years ago I created a program called Hypnotic Awakenings.

On it I show you how to use my Renegade Rapid Change Technology to eliminate the mental roadblocks that hold you down and hold you back.

If you are ready to step through the door I highly recommend you check it out.

CLICK HERE to see what it's all about

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Talk soon,

Douglas Alexander

P.S. I'm in Mexico for the next two weeks. If you have questions please USE THE HELP DESK. Or call the office and speak with Cassi.

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