The Human Factors

What make us human? What does it mean to be human?

these questions have preoccupied my mind since my childhood. The search for meaning in my own life lead me to seek and read books. With piqued curiosity in the fields of psychology (which is about how the mind works) and philosophy (which was a pursuit of wisdom). One remarkable book, Man search for meaning -by Victor Frankl, has the extreme harrowing experience of what a human being can experience in a lifetime caught up in the misconceptions, lies, rules, laws, and racial prejudices made by others.

Frankl was a Jew during the Hitler regime. What is most important is what he discovered as a psychologist/psychiatrist literary ‘marked for death’ in a concentration camp.

In Man search for meaning gives us a clue as to how resilient the human mind really is!

How do you make meaning in your life?

Between any stimulus and how you “choose” to respond, there is a gap! In the Nanosecond of reaction or response determines whether you are FREE from the control, manipulation, and tyranny by others or you can be, feel and decide for the best for you at that particular moment!

“Between a Stimulus and a response there is a gap, the gap of freedom” -V.Frankl

The wider this gap is, the more ‘FREE’ or ‘independent’ you are to make your own decisions.

Maybe you noticed choose is in quotation marks and wonder why?

There are times you may find yourself in circumstances that are not of your making. For instance you were born, a baby, found yourself in your body, your skin colour, your family, tribe, culture, customs, nation, continent etc.

You were born with nothing (not even underwear! l.o.l!) All you heard, now feel, smell, know, and believe, you learned! Even the language you speak at a certain point it did not make any sense…

It is not what control are outside of yourself and are beyond your control that matters, it is what happens inside yourself.

You have no control over your nationality, it is determined automatically by where you were born. What you have control on is how you FEEL about it!

Do you feel anything about that? Is it irrelevant to you? Are you proud of your nationality or not-proud? Notice what you feel or not feel about that because it is also irrelevant!

The meaning you make on anything determines what you feel! Who formed and made meaning for you about anything that you think, feel and believes in life?

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