Training hard is not enough. you have to get results that last. Every effort you make must increase the well-being of your body and mind as well as improve the quality of your work and lifestyle!

Sweating, huffing, and puffing at the gym training hard and the concept of no pain no gain is a persistent “fitness” myth!
Training hard is not enough, you have to get results!
Fitness is about your health too, not just looking good or having a flat abdomen.
If you are a professional bodybuilder or a competing sportsman, then training hard in your sport is a must.
Professional sportsmen and women have to work extra hard to remain at the top of their particular sports.
A golfer does not need the same muscle s as a tennis player. A boxer does not need the same muscles as a swimmer.
Sports specific training is important to train and condition the muscles accordingly.
Training for fitness is not necessarily straining or overexerting yourself!
You need to exercise wisely. Be aware of your objectives, eat right, and have time for recuperation too.
Do you have a plan for your fitness? Do you have a nutritional plan? Have you measured or had your fitness measured or assessed by a professional trainer or coach?
All this can enable you to train and reach your goals safely and if you want life-long lasting results then read our blog on holistic training

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