What Is The Best Time For Training?

We adapt to what we repeatedly do. Our body is constantly on the move, changing, adapting, compensating, renewing growing.

With all the complexity of our body, There are factors we need to consider when training or exercising. Biological and environmental factors.

from the internet: human systems

General biological factors considered, there are physical and mental rhythms of the body. Ultradian and Circardian rythm.

Repeatedly our body goes through cycles daily. there is a 90-120 minutes cycling of the sleep stages when we are sleeping. There are other cycles too such as infradian rhythms specific to mammals such as menstruation, breeding, migration, hibernation, molting, and fur growth.

These natural cycles are automatic and they influence the body in unique ways.

Every person has adapted themselves to their unique situations in life. Some people sleep late, some early. On a biochemical level, the effects on the body make a huge difference to the general well-being of a person!

Eating right and getting enough rest helps regulate the bio-chemical balance of the body and improves your vitality tremendously!

On a general rule of thumbs; Early morning – around 6 am is the best time to meditate and prepare for the day. Around 9 -10 can be a good time for a workout and from 17:00 O’clock-18:30; when it is time to calm down again.

Making sensible adjustment to your biological rhythms is a fine a matter of finding a balance between your work-life and private-life! A great fitness program should include all these aspects of your lifestyle!

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